MTB Huawei Tempered Glass


The strongest tempered glass ever.

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  • Toughened glass has high transparency, and color never changes
  • Flexibility in combination with optical film
  • Premium Quality 9H Hardness
  • Strengthen the intensity of the buffer glass protective film
  • Advanced Silicone coating, Nanostructured Coating, Tempered Glass, Silicone Coating

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NOVA 2i, NOVA 3i, NOVA 5T, NOVA 7i, NOVA 7i/P40 LITE 4G, NOVA 7SE, P SMART, P30 LITE/NOVA 4E, Y5 (2019)/Y5 (2018)/, Y5p/HONOUR 9S, Y6 (2018)/7A/ENJOY 8, Y6 (2019), Y6 PRO (2019), Y6p/HONOUR 9A, Y7 (2018)/7C/ENJOY 8, Y7 (2019), Y7 PRO (2019), Y7A, Y7P, Y9 (2018), Y9 (2019)/Y8s/ENJOY, Y9 PRIME (2019)/P SM




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